5 marketing tips to learn from Kids

July 19, 2016 - 4 minutes read

Kids are born marketers. They learn early on how to get their way with an audience that isn’t always on their side. Have you seen a kid try and convince their parents to get their way; A new bike, a gaming console or extra play time? Parents have no intention of giving in yet most kids get their way. Watching them can teach us a lot about marketing.

5 Marketing tips learnt from kids

Know your target

Kids can read people very well. They know which parent to ask for cookie. What toys to coax from grandparents. Which uncle can take you to park. They know which people to target for a specific need.

Similarly in marketing, you need to know your audience well. In the digital age it is now possible to know almost anything of your target persona and tailor your message accordingly.

The lesson: The better you know your target, the easier it becomes to give them information that’s relevant to what they want and expect from you.

Truth is always the best

Have you tried sneaking vegetables into kids food or telling them that you’re taking them to the playground when instead, you are actually taking them to school. It works the first time, but the following times you’ve lost their trust.

Consider the same scenario from a marketing perspective. People are naturally distrusting of advertising. So don’t lie to them. In today’s competitive market, the urge to lie about your product results is high. Don’t do it. Don’t break your promises and then lose trust.

The lesson: Tell the whole truth, or your lies will come back to bite you.

Learn to Present

When kids want something, they find expressive ways of asking it. They will make up a story and give all the reasons of agreeing to them would be in everyones best interests. Kids present it politely and creatively to get you to say ‘Yes’.

In the same way, during a presentation or talk, be creative with you story. Sell the dream as opposed to just the facts. This will help your potential customer visualise what you are trying to sell attaching an emotional need to your service or product.

The lesson: Educate yourself about the art of making presentations.

Incentives are good

Have you experienced how kids like to give incentives when they want something that you are not ready to give. Kids will promise to eat their breakfast without any tantrums if you let them watch 10 more minutes of TV or go to bed early if they can get a cookie. When the offer is enticing you will change your mind and let them do it.

In marketing also sometimes you have to give incentive to people to get past their blockages and use your product or service. It could be a free trial, a discount or money back guarantee.

The lesson: Incentivise customers who are on the fence will help you convert more.

Try try until you succeed

Kids never give up. Seen a toddler attempting to walk, they fall and they try again until they do. A kid trying to covert parents ‘No’ to ‘Yes’. They keep on trying. They find new techniques and points to achieve their aim.

Marketing is also a bit like that. It will not be possible to succeed with just one campaign or some media post. Just like kids, a successful marketing campaign would have failed a few times or got things wrong before achieving it’s goal.

The lesson: Don’t give up on few failures, just keep trying until something works.

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