5 ways to improve your outbound call center

July 28, 2016 - 5 minutes read

Constant revaluation of call center processes make sure that your offering is relevant and successful. In this article we delve into some of the key factors that need to be monitored to make your call center more effective with time.

5 key aspects to an outbound call center

Core elements to a Call Center

Pause for a moment and think about 4 core elements we’ve listed below. Some of the questions that you should try to answer are:

  • What am I selling?
  • Is my script compelling enough? Am I convinced by it?
  • Who is my target market and am I reaching them?
  • What is the dialling strategy of my campaign?

Any slipping part here is harmful to your campaign. Collect more information, rephrase, retry and try to get these things right. Its tough, but all your effort needs to focused on these elements.

Goals and Incentives

Goals are often tied to incentives. Make sure you have proper goals set for the sales agents making calls for you. Make sure your compensation is meaningful to these goals you’ve set as it directly impacts morale.

You may also want to gamify your system so that it drives your agents to do better and keeps the momentum going. An excellent idea is to drive goals based on teams as this makes sure agents work as cohesive unit.

Technology and Tools

Here are a few questions that you want to ask yourself when you’re thinking of tools for your call center.  Constant evaluation of these factors often help you make sure the balance in costs and productivity is right.

  • Is your software able to correctly represent the dialling strategy in mind. For eg: Does it support retries?
  • Can it help you weed out bad numbers so that your clock better talk times?
  • Does the software support saving notes for each conversation?
  • Can it integrate with your CRM effectively?
  • Is the technology reliable and cost-effective?

Quality Assurance

Are you in a habit of recording your call center calls. If not, then start now! Ask your tool vendor to make sure your system has recording facility. Quality Assurance provides feedback to your sales agents on how they should convey their message and their responses to sales objections which in turn improves agent efficiency. Listening to recorded calls will help you fix gaps, if any, in your script and verify you’re dialling the right set of target customers. Tying the script to actual sales and looking at productivity will help you improve sales efficiency.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Reports are useful because you can infer valuable information from them. If over time, looking at reports has no value add, that means you’ve already acted on the inferences and it’s time to think about what you’d like to improve upon.

Data analysis comes in handy here. Some of the typical things that you need to look at are below:

  • Is there any upward trend to the number of calls you made over a certain period time? This will give you insights into your lists and how effective they are.
  • What’s your call center efficiency? Do you know how many calls you have to make to get the most sales for your campaign?
  • Do you see the impact of caller ID? Can dynamic caller IDs help you in getter better pick up rates? How you done your Math?
  • Can your software give intelligence in what is a good time to call a number or can it call only contacts that may favourably respond to a given type of product that you’re selling?

Also, check out these outbound calling tips for your business or call center to improve your sales!

For a sales manager who’s just getting into running call centers, these tips are invaluable. Take a hard look at your processes, measure all that can be measured and don’t be afraid to make major overhauls to your systems if it means an increase in productivity.


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