7 Handy Tips for Lead Generation

September 8, 2016 - 4 minutes read

Generating leads is one of the critical steps in sales and marketing. Effective lead generation methods allow a business to build an organic lead database. The process involves a conversion of names and contacts at the opening of the sales funnel into goals like higher product sales or a loyal customer base. Various practices form a cohesive unit to make an effective lead generation process. It involves optimizations to your website, content marketing, social media, and offline activities.


Following some of the tips listed below can hopefully help you ramp up your lead generation.

Feature a Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action should point to a relevant landing page. Rather than taking your customers to the website homepage, make sure they land on the page relevant to the link they have clicked.

Optimise the sign-in page

It’s not enough that customers visit your website. Lead generation requires them to sign-up. Optimise your sign-in page by testing various possibilities and analyzing user feedback.

The Obama 2008 campaign tested various responses to the image in the media section and the call-to-action “button” before they decided on a final page layout. Testing results revealed that the Obama family image along with “Learn More” button together yielded the best sign-up rate.

Pop-up sign-in pages are another way to get people to sign up. But take care that the pop-up remains unobtrusive and people have an easy way to cancel it if they choose not to sign up. Google has recently updated their algorithm to penalize mobile websites that have obstructive interstitials.

Use lead scoring to avoid time wastage

Lead scoring allows for businesses to rank prospective customers based on the perceived value of the customer to the business. It analyses various factors such as budget, pages visited, downloads etc. to form the ranking.

Direct marketing

Marketing channels like SMS and voice help keep you connected with your customers. At a time when people are constantly bombarded with a variety of options to choose from, it pays to keep your subscriber base well engaged through SMS marketing and Voice broadcasts. It also helps you advance and build your relationship with the customer hopefully leading to an eventual sale. Personalise your messages and get a higher response rate compared to email.

Blog consistently

Maintaining a blog keeps prospective customers well-informed about your product and help to garner a loyal following. If people show interest in your blog they may be interested in downloading your newsletter which you can make downloadable after asking for a mail-id.

Adding product videos and tutorials along with a blog can help with customer engagement. You can ask for customer mail-id to download the videos.

Use social media

Social media has given businesses a free platform for generating organic leads. Integrate your blog with various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. to widen your customer base. Engage in discussions that relate to your business, answer questions and resolve queries.

Offline Activities

Your business needs a public face. A person has a better chance of evoking a response from a customer than less personal methods like email or messaging. Participating in public events and appearing on television can broadcast your brand to a wide audience. And with a wider reach comes better exposure on other platforms such as social media and more interested visitors to your website. This will eventually translate to higher leads generated.

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