Alerts to agents when local internet connection is insufficient

May 23, 2017 - 2 minutes read

As a cloud based telephony product, on CallHub agents call make calls through their browser. These calls consume your network capacity. Each agent requires at least 1 MBPS for clear interruption free conversations. If you are running call center campaigns, distributed or otherwise, you need to make sure that your agents have the required local internet bandwidth to make calls through the browser.

alerts to call center agents when local internet capacity is low

How do I know if my internet bandwidth is enough?

During calling campaigns, if you have more agents than your bandwidth can handle, the quality of the calls drop for your agents. To help you identify this problem as one of low bandwidth as opposed to a downgrade in service, we now show alerts on agent consoles that will tell you if there isn’t sufficient bandwidth to make calls.

What can I do to improve bandwidth?

  1. Check if your network is being hogged by another service, possibly a download. Make sure that service is stopped before making calls.
  2. If your bandwidth is available and you are still facing issues, then you have too many agents than you have bandwidth. Move some agents from calling through the browser to calling from/to their phones. This way, all the agents won’t face the issue.
  3. If none of the above work, test your network bandwidth. You may be facing an issue due to your network provider.
  4. If your agents are remote and are facing this issue, change their default calling mode from browser to phone.

call center agent console alert local internet is poor

How do I calculate required bandwidth?

If you have 5 agents, you will need 5 MBPS of dedicated bandwidth to make calls. I’d stress on the word dedicated as you cannot share this bandwidth with any other network operations like browsing or downloading data.

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