tools to drive event engagement

Top 6 Tools To Drive Engagement To Your Event

Getting your supporters to register and buy tickets is crucial for every event organizer. But…

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donor communication plan

How To Craft A Donor Communications Plan

More than 50% of existing donors in a nonprofit, leave within a year, probably right…

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nonprofit event planning

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Nonprofit Event Planning

Nobody sets out to plan a lousy event. Every event planner puts in his best…

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boost post event engagement

How To Boost Post Event Engagement

Events are staples to any nonprofit organization’s fundraising strategy, but planning one takes up a…

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nonprofit event marketing

How To Successfully Market A Nonprofit Event (on a tight budget)

Organizing a great event is not easy. Just because you have invited people, doesn’t mean…

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post event survey questions

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Post Event Survey Questions

After several months of planning your event, the final day has come. The hard work…

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how to plan a fundraising event

How To Plan A Successful Fundraising Event ( Template Included! )

Nonprofit professionals swear by events as one of the best ways to raise money for…

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major gift fundraising

Major Gift Fundraising: 9 Best Practices You Can Implement Today

Major donors are extremely important to your cause. Just take a quick look at the…

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major donor cultivation

How To Build Better Relationships For Major Donor Cultivation

Cultivating major donors is the pillar of every nonprofit organization. Without them, it becomes very…

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donor cultivation idea

10 Easy Donor Cultivation Ideas To Try Out Today

Before you go ahead and ask your prospects to make a donation, you have to…

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