52 Proven Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas to Raise Funds in 2019

With email donations taking a plunge (almost 8% less than last year), many nonprofits like…

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Emails vs. text which to use for nonprofit?

Email Vs. Text – Which to use for your nonprofit?

Let’s try a fun exercise. Whip out your phone (if you don’t have it out…

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Church texting services

How to use church texting services to bring your congregation closer

“Your church has a communication problem” Not a supposition. Not an assumption, but a point…

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How to talk to donors about planned giving

How to talk to donors about planned giving (and win them over!)

*TRINNGGG* *TRRRIINNGGG* Martha (a Major Donor): Hello? You (a Non Profit Fundraising Professional): Hello Martha,…

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Callhub at NTC2019

Let’s meet at NTC2019

The CallHub team of communication experts are attending the NTC2019. We would love to meet…

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How to fundraise using social media

Boost Your Fundraising Today with These Social Media Fundraising Tips

In the November of 2018, the International Community Foundation (ICF) had an unprecedented crisis. They…

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