Powerful Tips to Thank your Volunteers

Thanking your volunteers is important for two primary reasons: for motivation and retention. Yearning for…

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How to Organize a Kick-ass Party for your Fundraiser (6 Pro Tips!)

Getting people together for a party is a surefire way of ensuring that everyone has…

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How to Promote your Fundraiser through Multiple Channels

Having perfectly planned your fundraiser right down to its tiniest details, you need to promote…

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4 Charity Event Ideas That Don’t Always Work for Fundraisers

Having organized several fundraisers for your charity, you’re probably bored of the standard way of…

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7 Unique Fundraising Event Ideas for You to Use in 2019

We’re well into 2019 (is it March already?!) and you’ve used up all your fundraising…

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how to decide on a text to give tool_nonprofits

How to Decide on a Text to Give Fundraising Tool

Text-to-give, text-to-donate, text-to-tithe…there seems to be no end to the number of terms used to…

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Text to donate small nonprofits header

Text to Donate for Small Nonprofits—Everything You Need to Know

Raising donations is an important part of a nonprofit’s goals—even more so if the nonprofit…

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Donor Management Software_Donor Retention

5 Ways to Use Donor Management Software to Improve Donor Retention

No matter what type of work your nonprofit does, you rely on the support of…

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Donor Relations_Best Practices

Donor Relations: 8 Best practices for your Nonprofit

When it comes to donors, nonprofits simply have to focus on the relationships they share…

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Donor Thank-You Call Script

Donor Thank You Calls: Writing the Perfect Script (Script included!)

Rachel was making fundraising calls to thank her donors for their contributions: “Hey Malcolm, it’s…

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