Political speech topics

How To Choose The Best Political Speech Topics ( and Why! )

Successful political candidates choose speech topics designed to inspire and motivate audiences. When delivered with…

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How to PhoneBank with VoteBuilder

How to PhoneBank with VoteBuilder (Smart and Easy way)

NGP VANs VoteBuilder is a fantastic tool for organizing Get out the Vote campaigns. PhoneBanking…

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Fundraising Cold Call Script

How to write the easiest Fundraising Cold Call Script ( Samples Included )

Cold calling for fundraising is a sweat-inducing process. However, with the right script and natural…

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callhub zapier integration

CallHub Now Integrates With 1,000 Other Products

We know that getting your work done requires many different web tools. In fact, the…

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why voter identification is important

How to identify voters and target them

You understand the impact elections can have: from empowering the disenfranchised to kick-starting an important movement. However,…

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gotv minus email article

Getting out the vote, without email

You’re coming to the final days of the campaign, and you know the feeling. You’re…

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patch-through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

Patch through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

Phone2Action works amazingly well at mobilizing your active supporters. Supporters who are on social media…

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organizing for change - interview with celine on GOTV campaign

Case study: How Organizing for change ran a successful GOTV campaign

Organising for change, is a non partisan strategic initiative of environmental groups representing hundreds of…

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alerts to call center agents when local internet capacity is low

Alerts to agents when local internet connection is insufficient

As a cloud based telephony product, on CallHub agents call make calls through their browser….

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6 ways to convince supports to donate over a phone call

6 ways to convince supporters to donate through a phone conversation

We’ve often had fundraisers wondering if phone fundraising might be going the way of the…

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