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How Can Nonprofits Benefit From Using A Call Center Product

Published: Aug 20, 2018

Nonprofits use the phone to raise funds for one simple reason. It works.

The challenge you face is to set up a call center that meets your nonprofit’s unique needs.

And many call center softwares are too expensive for the average nonprofit and too inflexible to let you increase or decrease the number of volunteers making calls on your behalf.

As a result, you need to invest in a call center which offers a variety of advantages over other softwares. One which is easy to use, train volunteers, and facilitate fundraising during peak periods.

Unlimited Agent accounts

The seasonal nature of fundraising makes CallHub’s call center software an ideal product. If you have 4000 or 40000 donors to reach you can amass an army of volunteers to call them, without worrying about additional costs. So, you can gear up and add new volunteers for a big fundraising campaign.

CallHub makes it easy for you to run your campaigns and fundraisers by allowing nonprofits to add as many agents as they wish.

Volunteer management

You have volunteers in different parts of the country working for your cause. When it’s time to make fundraiser calls they cannot come in to talk to donors. With CallHub, you can manage your distributed team and monitor their work.

You can create an unlimited number of teams in your account. And assign any number of volunteers to these teams.

The teams can be location based or campaign specific. If you create location-based teams, you can add volunteers from the specific area to the said team. Or you can let your volunteer join a team based on the campaign they are interested in. Also, a volunteer can be a part of more than one team.

If you’re worried about sharing too much information with your volunteer, regarding funds and donor data, you can control what your volunteers see by limiting their access to supporter data within the privacy settings.

CRM integration

Let’s say you’ve held a fundraiser that attracted numerous attendees. While looking through the list of people who attended your event, you feel it would be useful to know how many people are regular attendees, how many are first-timers, and how many made previous donations. Performing these tasks manually will take forever and a CRM is designed to help you seamlessly manage such information.

CallHub is the perfect fit as it is integrated into your CRM. Volunteers can easily access the information they need while making calls. It provides a way for nonprofits to track their relationship with donors by recording past involvement and eliminating the need to constantly switch back-and-forth between spreadsheets while making calls.

Dialing options

Power Dialer

If you need to raise funds for your cause or rally supporters for a campaign, a power dialer is a right pick. This dialer skips no answer, busy, and disconnected numbers and moves onto the next contact. This way your volunteers will not waste time dialing manually or waiting on calls.

Preview Dialer

A preview dialer is perfect for making thank you calls and engaging with donors. The dialer gives the volunteer time to review contact details before placing the call, making sure they are fully prepared before talking to donors and supporters.

Other benefits:

  • Pay as you go. You don’t have to pay for the subscription; you pay for the calls you make.
  • Sometimes donors aren’t keen on taking out-of-state calls. With Callhub, you can make calls from the comfort of your homes by using a caller ID that matches the location of your donors.
  • Volunteers can make and receive calls from their computers, tablets or cell phones. They just have to use the preferred device to log in to their CallHub account to make calls.
  • You can set a call script which gives your volunteers a series of ways to respond to predictable questions.
  • With surveys responses and Analytics you can measure your campaign goals. You can keep a track of how your campaign is performing and gain insights by looking at your history.

If you have any questions regarding our call center applications for nonprofit organizations, hit us up at [email protected]


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