The Biggest Charity Fundraising Mistake You Can Make

It’s not enough to just have a good cause. Not anymore, anyway. Times have changed,…

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mass text messages for nonprofits

Mass text messaging for nonprofits: How to use it

Can you think of a nonprofit organization without donors or supporters? Nope, not at all….

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Donor Retention Strategies That Nonprofit Supporters Love_Featured Image

Donor Retention Strategies That Nonprofit Supporters Love

When it comes to donor retention, the keyword here is relationships. Donors are such a…

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online donation tools

Top 9 Online donation tools for nonprofits

In a digital era, it’s essential to provide donors with the right tools to streamline…

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CTA examples

Call To Action Examples For Nonprofits And Why It Works

Think of all the times you’ve signed up for something. Like running a marathon, attending…

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Ways to recruit volunteers for nonprofits_featured pic

Ways to Recruit Volunteers for Nonprofits: 4 Essential Tips

In the war to improve the world, if the conflict that you want to overcome…

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5 Ideas for Using Text Messages at Your Nonprofit_HeaderImage

12 Ideas for Using Text Messages at Your Nonprofit

The screwdriver is an essential part of every carpenter’s toolbox, being lean yet sturdy. When…

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What is B2B Telemarketing?

B2B telemarketing is extremely important for businesses for several reasons, right from finding suitable clients…

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Volunteer Management Software

10 Best Volunteer Management Software

You already know to recruit volunteers and train them, but once you have enough, how…

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Top Fundraising Consulting Firms

Top 7 Fundraising Consulting Firms

To develop a strong fundraising strategy, nonprofits could certainly do with some help from experts…

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