nationbuilder supporter levels

Set Supporter Levels within CallHub

Rate your contacts in your phonebook by their level of support. Set a supporter level…

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searchable phonebook and recordings

UI Improvements: Searchable phonebooks and audio files

We’ve made small but very helpful changes to our user interface. We’ve added searchable elements…

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Going Mobile with Advocacy

We have all heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind.” It works on…

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Similarities between Mike Kaine and Tim Pence

5 ties between Kaine and Pence

The first US presidential debate is over! A lot has been said about Hillary Clinton and…

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How Multivariate Testing can help you optimise your website

To maximise customer retention on a site, customers need to be satisfied with the content they…

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Product updates from August

Communicate with agents in real-time Call centre campaigns on CallHub aren’t restricted by geography. Agents…

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callhub api updates

Updates to CallHub APIs

Thanks to all of you, since we’ve opened our Call Center, conference and agent APIs,…

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Agent activation emails

New feature: Resend agent activation mails

Agent and volunteer accounts in CallHub are managed by the campaign manager. A manager can…

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Create phonebook from filtered contacts

Create phonebooks from search

We’ve added a great new feature to our contact management section. Phone numbers are now searchable!…

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How Power affects the Human Brain

Power can do weird things to your perception of yourself and people around you. Have…

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