effect of immigration on the us economy

Effect of Immigration on US economy

With a net legal immigration of 800,000 people each year the U.S has higher immigration…

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Facts about Gary Johnson

5 interesting facts about Gary Johnson – the Libertarian presidential candidate

Former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for the 2016 United…

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Facts about Jill Stein

8 fun facts about Jill Stein: Greens party presidential candidate

The Greens Party in the US is an independent political party connected with social and environmental…

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10 fun facts about Hillary Clinton

10 fun facts about Hillary Clinton

With a few months left for the presidential US elections, all eyes are on the candidates,…

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Campaign strategies: Phone banking & canvassing

Phone banking and Canvassing – Your tools to win an election

Phone banking and Door-to-door canvassing play a big part in election campaigns. Political campaigns use door-to-door canvassing as…

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narendra modi and the namo number

How Modi built an army of supporters and won the Indian elections

In 2014, when the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and Narendra Modi (prime minister of India)…

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7 tips for a successful phone banking party

7 tips for a successful Phone Banking party

Phone banking events offer an excellent opportunity to bring together volunteers and get some serious…

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6 reasons why sms better than email marketing

6 reasons why SMS is more effective than Email Marketing

SMS campaigns have increasingly become a quick and cost-effective marketing platform. Their higher open and…

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august updates

What’s new in August

Multi Transfer campaigns Did you find our Voice Broadcasting transfer options limiting? We’ve removed those…

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nationbuilder integration with CallHub

Agents on CallHub are now also NationBuilder supporters

CallHub’s integration with NationBuilder has just gotten stronger. Now that a volunteer can create an…

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