new face of indian political campaigns

Changing face of Political campaigning strategies in India

Campaign strategies of Indian political parties have a rarely moved away from traditional methods of broadcast…

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5 key aspects to an outbound call center

5 ways to improve your outbound call center

Constant revaluation of call center processes make sure that your offering is relevant and successful. In this…

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4 keys aspects of phone banking

4 Key aspects to a successful phone banking campaign

Organising phone banking for a cause or a political campaign is really tough. If you’ve…

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Using angularJS with Django

Using AngularJS with Django

We were updating the interface to one of the most important parts of our app, the Call…

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5 Marketing tips learnt from kids

5 marketing tips to learn from Kids

Kids are born marketers. They learn early on how to get their way with an audience that…

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Volunteer management with Teams

Updates from the month of June

Introducing CallHub Teams for Volunteer Management We’ve removed the dependency of you assigning agents to…

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Customise you call center hold music

Customise your Call Center

We’ve power packed our Call Center settings section with settings that you can use to now…

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Embeddable sign up forms

Get your volunteer sign up forms

If you can’t be fussed with APIs, HTML and JS then this is for you….

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How to build your own Call Center using APIs

Build your own Call Center

Phone banking is vital to a political campaign. Phone calls help to touch base with…

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How partisan divide could increase campaign donations

How partisan divide helps increase campaign donations

A recent podcast from The Hidden Brain by Shankar Vedantam, an NPR Social sciences correspondent,  talks…

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