CallHub GDPR Compliance Update

Last Updated June 28, 2023
Table of Contents

EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) take effect May 25, and CallHub is committed to these regulations for secure internet and our customers’ rights to privacy.

The following information will help customers understand the changes we have made to the CallHub service to be compliant with GDPR regulations.

Data Encryption: Customer data is secured while being transferred over the internet and between CallHub servers. All data exchange happens over encrypted connections and data on disks is also encrypted to ensure safety.

Logging Access: CallHub customer data is accessed with consent by authorized personnel for support and troubleshooting customer issues. We have ensured that access to customer data is logged, which includes the type of access, timestamp, IP address and the URLs accessed.

Campaign exports: Customers can continue to export campaign results and these files will be accessible only to authorized CallHub users. Once exported from CallHub, they can be distributed by customers at their discretion.

Privacy policy: We’ve updated the CallHub Privacy Policy. By continuing to use CallHub you agree to the new privacy policy. A quick overview of recent changes to the policy:

  • Legal rights of the customer
  • Clarity on what customer information is collected, why it is collected and the duration of retention

Data Protection Addendum: We have created a legal agreement that users and external parties can request from us. The addendum promises the protection of all personally identifiable information that CallHub collects and stores.

We promise to be transparent about all aspects of CallHub product and the website with regards to privacy, terms, and personal data, and support the efforts of ensuring customer protection. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]