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Campaign Analytics: Compare Agents

Published: Jan 3, 2017

This graph is part of our new Analytics Dashboard plugin.

Call center agents are your most valuable resource. Whether their volunteers or paid resources, agents drive your campaign. A good agent is invaluable. An agent who is effective as well as cost saving is one that you need to find early on a reward. How do you find your best agents? One way is through our celebrated agent leaderboard. If you would rather look closely at your top agents and compare the calls they’ve made, the compare agents graph is what you need.

compare agents analytics


Compare an agents performance versus that of another using the Compare Agents graph. You can compare agents based on 3 main metrics:

  1. Number of calls they’ve made
  2. The total connect time
  3. The total talk time
Compare agents by talk time and connect time

Compare agents by talk time, number of calls and connect time

Compare total calls made

Peter, Clark and Bruce are three of your agents working on the same campaign. If you compare these agents, you’ll find that Peter makes the most calls with Bruce coming a close second.

Compare total connect time

Peter might be making the most number of calls but incidentally, Bruce has the highest connect time with Peter coming a close second and Clark coming third.

Compare total talk time

Bruce also has the highest talk time among his peers. Clark and Peter almost tie for second place. Peter seems to be the most efficient agent if time spent calling matters more. Peter reaches out to more people yet spends lesser time talking and connected to the system. Looks like Peter deserves a raise.


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