Advocacy strategies for Grassroots Campaign

5 Advocacy Strategies for your Grassroots Campaign

As you get your campaign off the ground, these are five advocacy strategies that’ll help…

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how to design political campaign logo

Political logo design to grab voter’s attention

How important do you consider it is to have a logo for your political campaign?…

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How to run a political campaign

How to Run a Political Campaign

Before setting out to brave the storms of political office, political candidates face a lengthy…

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online presence for grassroots movement

Taking your Grassroots movement online

Grassroots organizing puts the individual behind the wheels of the campaign. It predates any form…

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budget for municipal election campaign

A political campaign budget for your municipal election

From a Presidential campaign to any down-ballot race, it takes proper planning to win. In…

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election campaign jobs

Political campaign jobs and the skills they require

Building a political campaign is like setting up a house of cards. via GIPHY There…

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strategy for local election campaign

Local political campaign strategies

No matter what election you are standing for, planning is important. The difference between a…

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Grassroots Advocacy definition tools strategies

Grassroots Advocacy Definition, Strategies and Tools

Grassroots Advocacy Definition Grassroots advocacy involves communicating with the general public and prompting them to…

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advocacy campaign building tips

5 Tips to Build Your Advocacy Campaign

Advocacy campaigns start off as a passionate attempt to right a wrong or pass a…

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get out the vote definition process strategies

Get Out The Vote Definition, Process and Strategies

Get Out The Vote Definition Get Out The Vote or GOTV describes campaign activities performed…

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