how to manage different volunteer personality types

How to manage different personality types for a well-balanced volunteer team

There’s a house on fire. As a bystander, you see a few people rushing into…

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phonebanking scripts for gotv

Best Phone scripts for Political GOTV Campaigns (Strategy!)

Convincing a voter to support your political party or cause is not an easy job. Imagine doing…

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how to be like the voter you are talking to

How and Why to Be Like the Voter You Are Talking To ( for Political Field Organizers )

If you’re running a political campaign, chances are that you have a couple of core…

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distributed campaigning the strategy guide

Distributed Campaigning (the strategy guide)

Let’s take a look back at the most prominent examples of distributed political campaigning. 2012…

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voter demographics for 2018

Using Key Voter Demographics to Win Your Election in 2018

When it comes to elections, demographics matter.  When we say “demographics,” we are referring to…

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peer to peer texting best practices guide

13 Best Practices you must follow for Peer to Peer Texting

It’s been barely more than two years since peer to peer texting emerged into the…

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Hiring the next great Field Organizers

Every campaign, whether to elect someone to office or to advocate for a policy position,…

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3 Ways to turn your phone banking Results into Action

You ran a successful phone banking campaign. Campaign volunteers talked to thousands of people, engaged…

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Advocacy strategies for Grassroots Campaign

5 Advocacy Strategies for your Grassroots Campaign

As you get your campaign off the ground, these are five advocacy strategies that’ll help…

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how to design political campaign logo

Political logo design to grab voter’s attention

How important do you consider it is to have a logo for your political campaign?…

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