Slogans for Getting Out The Vote

Eight Slogans that can be used for GOTV Campaigning

GOTV or Get Out The Vote is an essential part of any political campaign. Being…

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5 Myths about political campaigns you should know

The public is often unaware of the nuts and bolts of campaigning and certain myths…

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8 Training Tips To Boost Call Center Communication Skills

To have a great call center agent is as important as having the right software….

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What does a field organizer do?

Field organizers are grassroots consultants who unify people around a common goal and work to…

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How to make Volunteers feel Valued ( and 10 ways )

I’ve had many friends share their volunteer stories with me — about the rewarding work…

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Campaign Slogans for City Council

Are you running for city council or for a local election campaign? If you are,…

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how to retain volunteers

How to Retain Volunteers ( and #7 tips )

You’ve recruited a ton of volunteers to help out with your cause. That’s awesome! Now,…

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collect supporter data image

4 Best practices for collecting supporter data

Data is the lifeblood of the modern political campaign. You need it to maximize volunteer…

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how to manage different volunteer personality types

How to manage different personality types for a well-balanced volunteer team

There’s a house on fire. As a bystander, you see a few people rushing into…

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phonebanking scripts for gotv

Best Phone scripts for Political GOTV Campaigns (Strategy!)

Convincing a voter to support your political party or cause is not an easy job. Imagine doing…

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