how to retain donors and supporters

How to retain donors and supporters (for the long run)

Nearly 60% of new donors are not going to give to your nonprofit again. And…

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facebook for political campaigns

How to use Facebook in a Political Campaign ( 4 simple ways )

Social media is the most efficient way to reach a broad audience. Using Facebook for…

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Political speech topics

How To Choose The Best Political Speech Topics ( and Why! )

Successful political candidates choose speech topics designed to inspire and motivate audiences. When delivered with…

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How to PhoneBank with VoteBuilder

How to PhoneBank with VoteBuilder (Smart and Easy way)

NGP VANs VoteBuilder is a fantastic tool for organizing Get out the Vote campaigns. PhoneBanking…

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why voter identification is important

How to identify voters and target them

You understand the impact elections can have: from empowering the disenfranchised to kick-starting an important movement. However,…

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gotv minus email article

Getting out the vote, without email

You’re coming to the final days of the campaign, and you know the feeling. You’re…

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Distributed Phone Banking

How to Run Distributed Phone Banks with CallHub

When you hear of political calling, the familiar thought is a group of volunteers sitting…

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Tracking Volunteer Recruitment

How a French Political Campaign tracked Volunteer Recruitment with CallHub Analytics

Volunteers, passionate engaged volunteers. They form the crux of political campaigns, going out into communities…

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opt-in text messaging

Getting started with Opt-In Text Messaging

If you’ve been to a campaign rally or event, there’s a good chance you’ve come…

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Jagmeet Singh for NDP Leader Campaign – Understanding the Ground Game

Client Spotlight with James Wardlaw, Field Director for the Jagmeet Singh for NDP leader campaign…

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