how to start a grassroots campaign

How to start a Grassroots Campaign

It’s easy to encounter an issue in your community and tell yourself that someone else…

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Text Message Marketing for Political Campaigns

There is one communication strategy that is increasingly becoming the norm in political campaigning: Text…

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voter profiling in modern campaigns

Personalized Campaign Messages With Voter Profiling

Have you watched the TV show, Sherlock, where Holmes uses cues from a person’s appearance…

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How majority crumbled in UK election

How The Majority Crumbled In The UK Election

The general election held in the United Kingdom was a classic underdog’s tale of survival….

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organizing for change - interview with celine on GOTV campaign

Case study: How Organizing for change ran a successful GOTV campaign

Organising for change, is a non partisan strategic initiative of environmental groups representing hundreds of…

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nonpartisan campaign for school board election

Winning School Board Election As A Nonpartisan Candidate

Winning an election is no small task. Even for a district or a town election,…

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how to send campaign text messages

How to send election campaign text messages

During a campaign communication is key. Between field workers and organisers, organisers and voters and sometimes…

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top political campaign management tools

Top political campaign management tools

The Internet has revolutionised political campaigns. Digital tools have changed the way you communicate with…

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phone banking script

Phone Banking Script

The perfect phone calling script is critical to successful phone banking campaign. Most of your…

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what is phone banking

What is phone banking?

Political campaigns whether big or small, presidential or for a school board, win by getting…

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