How To Write The Perfect End Of Year Fundraising Email

It’s that wonderful time of year when Christmas lights and gifts abound, and folks are…

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Bringing Back Lapsed Donors – A Quick Step By Step Guide

Mary has been a major donor for a local education-based nonprofit for the past few…

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Phone Survey Software for Market Research and Political Polling

What is a phone survey? Phone survey software is used to conduct polls on a…

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How to talk to donors about planned giving

How to talk to donors about planned giving (and win them over!)

*TRINNGGG* *TRRRIINNGGG* Martha (a Major Donor): Hello? You (a Non Profit Fundraising Professional): Hello Martha,…

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Powerful Tips to Thank your Volunteers

Thanking your volunteers is important for two primary reasons: for motivation and retention. Yearning for…

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boost post event engagement

How To Boost Post Event Engagement

Events are staples to any nonprofit organization’s fundraising strategy, but planning one takes up a…

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nonprofit event marketing

How To Successfully Market A Nonprofit Event (on a tight budget)

Organizing a great event is not easy. Just because you have invited people, doesn’t mean…

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major donor cultivation

How To Build Better Relationships For Major Donor Cultivation

Cultivating major donors is the pillar of every nonprofit organization. Without them, it becomes very…

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how to run a charity auction

How To Run A Charity Auction

Charity auctions are extremely beneficial for nonprofit organizations for two reasons –– donor stewardship and…

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how to host a gala dinner

How To Host A Gala Dinner

Every year, nonprofit organizations host a charity gala dinner where like-minded people engage in meaningful…

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