How to run a political campaign

How to Run a Political Campaign

Before setting out to brave the storms of political office, political candidates face a lengthy…

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grassroots effort

Grassroots effort to win over undecided voters

In every election, there are some voters who all of the candidate campaigns get wrong….

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build political campaign website

How To set up your Election campaign website

During a campaign, voters would discover the candidate at different times and through different media….

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patch-through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

Patch through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

Phone2Action works amazingly well at mobilizing your active supporters. Supporters who are on social media…

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campaign slogan for school board election

Political campaign slogans for school board election

School board elections are getting bigger every year. With campaign budgets reaching into the millions…

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mayoral election

How To run for Mayor

Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States once said “When the burdens…

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how to plan your campaign budget

Creating a political campaign budget

Kicking off an election campaign would be a much less daunting task if you plan…

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write a campaign speech

How To write a Political Speech

The political speech is a form of art. It may be easy to deliver one…

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Political campaign messages

Political campaign messages that appeal to voters

The decision-making process of a voter is tied with their perception and desires. It is…

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How to run a local political campaign

First time candidates -How To run a local Political campaign

The first election campaign is always a mountain to climb. It is a sum of…

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