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October 10, 2013 - 2 minutes read

Cloud Calling Telephone

For a business, the ability to generate live leads that they can talk to is invaluable. The automated phone dialer systems have 5 to 10 times better conversion rate than regular advertisements. However, these are not widely used by all businesses. Why?

Voice Broadcasting and automated phone dialers have existed for a long time. People use a voice modem and buy software from automatic dialer providers for their computers. These systems have an upfront cost and are limited by the number of telephone connections. It tied up your telephone lines from other uses. The most expensive and higher end of these automated dialer software maxed out at about 75-100 simultaneous calls and cost anywhere between $20,000 – $50,000. Plus, you still had to pay for the calls that you made. Only large businesses could afford these expensive automated phone dialer systems.

By utilising the elasticity of the cloud and the recent advances in communication software, we can now scale and automate these traditional business applications to much greater magnitude and at a greatly reduced cost. For instance, a cloud calling software, like CallHub, can make 6000 simultaneous calls at a low cost of 1.5 cents for a 30 second call. This does not hold up any phone lines and so you can make the same 6000 calls the next minute, without waiting for an open phone line.

This turns the traditional phone dialer and voice broadcasting business on its head. This is like the shift from the traditional on-site web hosting to the cloud-based pay-as-you-go hosting model for live lead generation. Now these highly scalable and reliable systems are available to all businesses from small one-man shops to large corporations.

When you can generate leads for your business using cloud based calling software for as low as $25, the question really is, why are you not using a cloud based calling software?

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