CallHub vs. Hustle vs. ThruTalk

Stop paying more to make calls and send texts at slower speeds and more legal complications. Organize more successful campaigns with a powerful all-in-one communication platform at an affordable price.

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Send more texts and make more calls at lower costs

On average, people who switch to CallHub save almost 50% on their texting and calling bills while saving time and resources thanks to our more advanced features.


Price comparison

CallHub Hustle ThruTalk
Setup Fee $0 Yes Yes
Per SMS outbound (longcode) 4 cents 10 cents 8 cents
Per SMS outbound (shortcode) 6 cents Service Not available Service Not Available
Per MMS 6 cents 12 cents Service Not Available
Text-to-Join pricing $25/month
Unlimited keywords
Service Not available  Service Not Available
Phone number rental $2/month Undisclosed Undisclosed
Use your own number Free for calls and texts No Only for calls

CallHub has become my go-to platform for affordable phone canvassing campaigns, voice broadcasts and text message blasts. In particular, text message blasts are the single most useful tool for volunteer mobilization that I have used in recent years.

 – Jordan Bober, Director of Development and Election Readiness, Green Party of Prince Edward Island


Reach more people with no legal worries

Compliance is at the core of CallHub. Our platform is always updated as per the latest regulations.

Focus on expanding your outreach while we take care of all the legal worries.


Compliance Comparison

CallHub Hustle ThruTalk
Updated TCPA Compliance (post-Facebook vs Drugid) Yes! No No
Clickers to initiate calls (that don’t matter anymore) No No Yes
“Selectors” to make calls (that are required) Yes! No No
Fast P2P to legally send initial P2P messages at once Yes! No No
Legally send automatic texts based on call results Yes! No No
Scrub TCPA case filers from lists Yes! No No
Rent caller ID numbers in the platform Yes! Yes No
Dynamic Caller ID to automatically match target state code Yes! No No
Sync “Wrong Number” to VAN instead of Refused for WN responses Yes! No No (sends RF)
Spam Shield – Automatically replace numbers marked spam Yes! No No

“I remember the first time I showed someone CallHub in action. It was election day for a governor’s race where we had remote volunteers in three locations who sent out a million text messages and engaged 75,000 people.”

Barbara Nelson

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Onboard more quality volunteers with less hassle

Volunteers and agents are essential to the success of any campaign. And onboarding them shouldn’t be hard. A complex onboarding process will just put off volunteers and destroy morale and turnout.

With CallHub, that’s not something you need to worry about. You can onboard volunteers with a simple, customizable sign up form in minutes. Add them one by one to the platform or in bulk using our API or Zapier.

You have complete control over the volunteer experience. Not just with onboarding, but even when they are part of your campaign.


Volunteer Onboarding Comparison

CallHub Hustle ThruTalk
Require volunteers to press “Send” button for P2P  No (send all texts at once) Yes Yes
Android and iOS Mobile app to join campaigns Yes Yes No
Desktop app to join campaigns via browser Yes No Yes
Volunteers add themselves via a form on your website Yes Yes Yes
Add Callers/Texters through Admin dashboard Yes No No
Add Callers/Texters through API and Zapier Yes No No
Campaign managers can join and listen to live calls  Yes! No No
Campaign managers can send custom messages to Callers/Texters in the tool Yes! No No
Caller or Texter leaderboard Yes! No No
Spanish language option for Callers or Texters Yes! No No
Call recording for training Yes! No No

I was able to have my volunteers who are located all over the city, assist when they could from the ease of their own homes, saving them 4 hours in travel time every day.

Amanda C, City Council Candidate


Take more action while spending less admin time

Your time is too valuable to be spent on repetitive tasks that could be handled with automation.

CallHub’s advanced features save you hours every week so you can focus on things that matter. Unlike other tools, CallHub’s admin tools are accessible on the same dashboard and reflect changes in real time, removing the delays and possible human error.


Advanced Admin Features Comparison

CallHub Hustle ThruTalk
Call retries Automatic based on call result No Manually triggered based on list
Householding Automatic based on number No No
Link Shortening and Click Tracking Yes Yes No
2 Way VAN Sync with unlimited questions Yes No (1-question) No (1-way)
Use any phone type from VAN Yes No (all phones) Preferred Type only
Text messages sent from call dashboard: capture responses and reply Yes (Admin only) No No (replies lost)
Schedule campaign start and end time  Yes Yes  No
Campaign performance report timing Live Live Compiled nightly
Script and Call results Combined No Separate
Group agents into teams for distributed organizing  Yes No No
Admins directly remove trolls Yes No No

I must say CallHub is very easy to use. I’ve run several call campaigns with much success and been able to reach over a thousand contacts in less than a week which would have taken much longer without CallHub.

Allen Dawson, Founder, Lead Leopard Consulting


Have more control with less restrictions

Come what may, you shouldn’t have to compromise on the security and privacy of your data. However, your tool shouldn’t cost you speed and efficiency for security either.

With CallHub’s intuitive options, you get more control over creating a setup that is secure and works fast for you and your volunteers.

Volunteer Onboarding Comparison

CallHub Hustle ThruTalk
Admins choose the fields shown to agents about the contact Yes No No
Editable fields for Caller/Texter (Optional) Yes No No
Contact history and data shown to Caller/Texter (Optional) Yes No No
Admins control own call Throttle Yes No No
Mappable Canvass results for VAN  Yes No No
Admin direct control over DNC/Strike Yes Yes No
Call recording an live call monitoring Yes No No

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Other reasons why you should move to CallHub

Unparalleled support

The CallHub support team works round the clock to solve your queries promptly.

We’re available over chat, emails, and phone calls at all times.

  • 94% Customer Satisfaction score
  • Less than 3 hours first response time on average
  • Available 24X7

What I really enjoyed was the relation we had. Every time anything had to be improved, we had a great correspondence with the CallHub team and they were very reactive; so every time we felt there was need to improve the tool to change something, they developed it quite quickly. It was very interesting, very stimulating, because we could go further every time we had what appeared to be an issue about CallHub.”

Anthony Samama, Digital and Innovation Manager, Nicolas Sarkozy Presidential Primary

We can make calls at about 5x the rate that we would with a manual dialer, getting through a list of 100 calls in just over an hour. This has been a huge capacity saver in our organization.

Amanda Destefano, Leadership Organizer, United Workers

Scalability and reliability

Whether you’re a team of 5 or 5000, CallHub is built to handle organizations of all sizes.

Our systems are battle tested in previous election cycles and capable of handling campaigns of substantial scale.

  • System capable of sending over 50 million texts/day
  • Over 99% uptime

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