Distributed Political Campaigning with Phone Banks

July 26, 2017 - 6 minutes read

Election campaigning requires the effective management of your volunteers while ensuring high-quality engagement with your constituents. This became an arduous task for nationwide campaigns which have to control hundreds or thousands of volunteers from a single office. Therefore today, political campaigns are shifting to a powerful new campaigning strategy called:

Distributed Campaigning.


Campaigns engage with their constituents through numerous channels including email, door knocking, SMS and phone banks. Out of these, phone banking has the potential to make the biggest impact for distributed campaigning. Phone banks continue to form the backbone of election and advocacy campaigns, whether it be for assessing voter sentiment, engaging a large voter base in one-on-one conversations, gathering data, or for GOTV efforts.

Campaigns are moving towards distributed phone banks because of the ease with which it lets volunteers work on behalf of the campaign from the comfort of their home. Campaigns would print out voter lists and hand it over to volunteers who’d then make the calls, fill up details on paper or onto a spreadsheet and then send the data back to the campaign.

Today, the emergence of web-based tools has optimized this process by letting volunteers sign in to the phone banking tool from their web browser, make calls, and enter data directly into the software. Software integrations that come with phone banking tools ensure that this data is immediately accessible to the campaign manager.

The Issues with Distributed Campaigning

By delegating phone banking responsibilities to volunteers across the country, campaigns can limit the load on primary campaign offices and utilize the efforts of any willing volunteer to engage with the voter base.

CallHub facilitates this distributed campaigning approach by letting the campaign manager enable supporters to sign up for phone banking through a simple web form.

The CallHub Teams feature supports it further by letting the manager assign recruited agents to specific teams or have supporters select their own team (usually based on location or issue) when signing up to make calls.

While the teams feature facilitated distributed campaigning, there were some innate problems that came with distributed campaigning that it did not tackle.

Nationwide campaigns recruit hundreds of volunteers to make calls on behalf of the campaign. Volunteers are provided a phone banking script to follow and given specific instructions on how to handle calls. But once the phone banking efforts start rolling, there is a high probability that not every volunteer will abide by these instructions. And a single manager cannot realistically monitor thousands of calls made by large numbers of volunteers. Albeit well intentioned, a handful of volunteers not staying on message can be damaging to the campaign.

Aside from the quality of their message, the safety of campaign data also comes into question. With volunteers from across the country signing up to make calls, each of them will have access to voter data. This poses the peril of improper handling of data and campaign data falling into the hands of the opposition where it can be used against a campaign, be deleted, or corrupted.

Solving for Issues with Sub-Accounts

This is where CallHub sub-accounts come in, to help large campaigns efficiently delegate their phone-banking efforts. Sub-accounts which are attached to a single parent account have all the functionalities of a normal account except the controlled access to voter data and campaign funds.

The parent account controlled by the campaign manager can have an unlimited number of sub-accounts attached to it. Each of these sub-accounts will have its own manager managing volunteers and monitoring the calls. This allows campaigns to maintain the quality of calls and ensure that the campaign volunteers across the country stay on message.

While the parent account has access to all campaign data, the data made accessible to sub-accounts is limited to protect it from being misused.

The majority of nationwide campaigns choose to have location based sub-accounts with each location being allocated its own manager and access to voter information pertaining to that region. Sub-account managers can recruit their own agents or have agents assigned to it from the parent account. Campaign funds are allocated from the parent account based on requirement. The parent account also has in-depth control of each sub-account.

By implementing sub-accounts, we eliminate the concerns related to volunteer management, data piracy, and allocation of campaign funds.

Read about how CallHub helps facilitate distributed phone banking, here.

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