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Ecanvasser provides a community database system and field canvassing apps for advocacy groups, nonprofits and political campaigns. Manage your citizen data, visualize it with maps and co-ordinate your community engagement teams.


Why connect CallHub to Ecanvasser?

Sync across lists of contacts from Ecanvasser that need to be engaged by phone or SMS. Build on your face to face conversations with citizens with phone calls, peer to peer texts and broadcast SMS. CallHub also supports text follow-ups in case you can’t reach a person over the phone.


Not an Ecanvasser customer yet?

Ecanvasser lets organizers:

Use the CRM to manage citizen data from multiple sources, create survey questions, cut turfs and track canvasser activity.
Canvass people door-to-door and conduct surveys and polling in the community with Ecanvasser Walk app.
Engage the public at events or on-street with Ecanvasser Go app. 
Coordinate grassroots mobilization efforts.

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Connect ECanvasser to CallHub

How to integrate CallHub with Ecanvasser

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