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These Effective Cold Calling Tips Are All You Need for Your Business

Published: Dec 12, 2018

Cold calling is an integral part of any business which wants to sell and market its product or service. But talking to a person you’ve never interacted with before and trying to sell your service to them sounds like a tall order, doesn’t it?

Which is why, in this article, we’ve jotted down a list of effective cold calling tips that you can use to increase the chance of being successful with your cold calls. Read on.

Research your Contacts

Before making the call, always ensure that you’ve researched the client well, right from their name, age, and profession, to their job profile. Doing so lets you know what to expect on call since you’ve formed a basic idea of the person in your head. This makes it easier to actually go ahead with the sales or marketing pitch.

Another effective cold calling tip for the research phase is to know when to call. Calling on Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to make contact while the best time is 4 pm to 5 pm. Schedule your time using tools like CallHub’s Smart Scheduler to make those calls!

Prepare a Script

Prepare a basic script to go by so that you don’t forget what you have to say or pitch on call. The script only serves as a basic guide, with the rest being up to you. Create a strong opening line by being purposeful and specifying the value-add to the customer; so that they immediately see how your business can add benefit to them.

Practice and Prepare

An effective cold calling tip is being polite and respectful during the call. After all, you’re asking someone to spend their valuable time listening to you. For this, you need to make your recipient feel valued, by being polite yet direct.

During the call, try maintaining your body language as though the contact were right in front of you. It improves the way you communicate and feel, which then transmits over the phone and can help you feel more relaxed and sound more confident. In case someone is rude to you, don’t worry too much. Introspect and figure out where you went wrong and how you can respond to these situations.

Remember to list any potential concerns or objections recipients may have, and figure out how you would respond to them. Mock calls can be useful for practice; you can simulate an angry, inquisitive, rude, or attentive client to work your way through the conversation.

Tell Success Stories

To tackle situations where it is clear that contacts are skeptical of your business, talk about success stories with past (or existing) customers who had similar objections as them. In fact, this has a lot to do with human psychology. When prospects hear that you’ve catered to customers with similar pain points, they’re more likely to try out your product.

Send prospects promotional items

Before making the call, that is. This is a very effective cold calling tip to give the client some idea of who you are when you make the call as opposed to you being a total stranger. Anything from a free infographic relevant to their industry, to a coupon for the product you’re pitching counts.
Make sure that whatever you send is useful and relevant so that it doesn’t get treated as spam.

Track Performance

You need to monitor your sales calls to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your calling campaign. You should do that by tracking some common KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) such as:

  • Conversion rate: The effectiveness of the agent in converting prospective clients and making a sale.
  • Handling time: The average time they spend on a call, including the wait or the holding times. This measures how efficiently time is being spent; if a salesperson spends a long time on a call with no concrete output, it’s a clear waste of time.
  • Abandoned call ratio: The number of contacts who pick up the call but leave it before being connected to a live agent. (You can reduce this by using optimized dialers)

Analyzing and working on KPI’s like these will dramatically improve your call quality and ultimately benefit your business.

Making cold calls which are successful takes patience and time. Follow these effective cold calling tips to build a solid strategy for your cold calling campaign.


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