Going Mobile with Advocacy

October 5, 2016 - 4 minutes read

We have all heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind.” It works on the principle that the human mind functions mostly on auto-pilot, looking for cues to decide what to do at a subconscious level. In psychology, the concept is called ‘priming’.


Let’s say you heard this cool soundtrack when shopping for grapes and make a mental note to find it. Later on, when you sit down to have grapes, a link forming below the surface of conscious thought will bring back the soundtrack to your mind so that you can go discover it. In all probability, you won’t realize that it was the grapes that triggered your memory of the song.

At a public rally or event, a speaker gets the crowd fired up and buzzing with energy. But once the crowd has dispersed, a very small number will actually follow up on the matter, be it visiting a website or registering on a form.

Now, what if you follow up with your supporters and connect with them as per their convenience? What if you could convert the energy of your rally into tangible supporter action?

Almost every supporter is bound to have a smartphone with them at all times. Telling your supporters to send a text to a predetermined number during your rally has a higher chance of getting them to sign-up than a random mail a few days later to their inbox. Once supporters have signed up, sending out calls-to-action and relevant updates about the campaign are easily achieved through a mobile advocacy campaign.

Compared to the traditional strategy of e-mail, SMS has shown remarkable results in terms of open-rates as well as getting people to connect across social media portals such as Facebook and Twitter.

Advantages of going mobile with advocacy

Ease of access

With a phone in hand, it just requires a push message or an SMS to connect with all your supporters and reinvigorate them about your campaign.

Real-time response

Supporters can connect immediately and reach out to elected officials or local representatives in Congress to petition for your cause.

Timely information broadcast

Live updates about any developments concerning the campaign are easily delivered to your supporters.

Strengthen motivation

SMS campaigns keep your supporters in the loop and make sure they do not forget about the cause. Expanding the campaign to a larger population and rallying supporters for an event becomes much easier.

Apps for Mobile Advocacy

Our SMS broadcasting service has been used time and again by advocacy groups, civic organizations, NGO’s and election campaigns to reach out to their audience and ensure the timely delivery of messages. Whether it be to carry out sign-up campaigns, send out messages as part of a bulk messaging campaign or automated responses to predetermined keywords; we have been trusted to run campaigns across the world.

Traditional advocacy needs to evolve with the times and going mobile is the right way to keep up with supporters. By enabling two-way communication, resource sharing and live feedback, you can maximize marketing for your campaign while gaining control over factors that remain inaccessible through conventional routes.

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