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In-Depth Phone Call Pricing



Number used as caller ID


Regular 10-digit Number Not Supported


Each call consists of two parts:


Part 1: Agent connection type


Agent makes call using

Agent connection cost

Browser / Softphone $ 0.007 / 30sec

Phone $ 0.495 / 30sec


Part 2: Outbound call to destination


Phone number starts with

Outbound call cost

Country Code
$ 0.495 / 30sec


Total cost per 30sec = Cost of agent connection + cost of outbound call to destination



How much will I spend in 1 hour of calling?


In 1hr of calling, each agent will spend approximately 10 - 60% (6 - 40mins) of their time talking to people. It varies depending on the quality of your list, average talk time and type of dialer. Outbound call cost is charged only during this time.

Agent connection cost applies to the whole hour if agent is logged in and connected to the campaign.


Cost per hour = ((agent connection cost x 2 x 60) + (outbound calling cost x 2 x 60 x % of talk time)) number of agents


Calculate Cost


I have agents, using a to make calls.
They usually spend of their time talking to contacts.


My total calling cost for an hour is $ 0


If a contact calls back on a number you rented from CallHub, you can transfer it to any landline or cellphone number of your choice.


Incoming call pricing


Phone number starts with

Incoming call cost

Not Supported Not Supported




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