July Product Updates – Ensuring your conversations keep going

August 2, 2018 - 6 minutes read

This month is all about peer to peer texting. With the general elections drawing near, more campaigns are using Collective Texting to reach out to voters, identify voter issues and mobilize supporters. This shines the spotlight on your ability to create a good script, collect the right data, and ensure accountability in your outreach. And that’s exactly what we hope to achieve with the updates to Collective Texting this  July.

Ensure conversations don’t hit a standstill

There’s a lot of nitty-gritty that goes into keeping your Collective Texting campaigns on track. Uploading your contact list(s) and assigning contacts to agents is the first step.

Following that is where you ensure that agents are effectively engaging the contacts assigned to them. Campaign managers have to make sure that agents are responding to texts, completing surveys, and…they’re being productive in the way they’re going about it.

When you do notice that something is off, you need to be able to go into the campaign and fix it with minimum effort. That’s were the functionality to reassign contacts comes into use. It helps you adjust the course of your peer to peer texting campaign for effective outreach and ensure a good experience for your contacts.

A few instances when you’d want to adjust the course of a campaign:

  • When an agent isn’t responding to incoming text messages from contacts.
  • When new agents are added to a live peer to peer texting campaign.
  • Unproductive agents are slowing down the campaign or vice versa when highly productive agents complete outreach ahead of time.
  • When an agent leaves your campaign.

The functionality to reassign agents, lets you seamlessly modify the campaign to account for each of these instances.

  • We classify active and inactive  agents so you know which agents are performing well.  All contacts from agents unresponsive to texts can be reassigned to your active agents.
  • When new agents are added to the campaign, you can ease the load on existing agents by distributing contacts amongst new agents.
  • If an unproductive agent is slowing down the campaign, redistribute their contacts between your other agents. Vice versa for high performing agents who complete outreach ahead of time.
  • If an agent decided to leave your campaign, those contacts can be redistributed amongst your active agents.

Go ahead and try out the reassign feature in a Collective Texting campaign. We’d love to hear what you think.

Create a Collective Texting campaign

Eliminating confusion during Script creation

Your Script is the guiding light for agents that lets them know what questions to ask contacts and what data to collect. So, when we noticed unusually high drop-offs for Collective Texting campaigns during Script creation, we knew we had to dig deeper.

And we whittled down the problem to three issues:

  1. Low discoverability of the ‘Set as initial message’ check-box.
  2. A lack of visual hierarchy between ‘Script’ and  ‘Saved Replies’ sections.
  3. Lack of clarity in conveying the function of each section.

The updated design ensures smoother campaign creation and eliminates confusion.


Surveys and Saved Replies as they appear to agents

How Script and Saved Replies work

The Script includes the initial text that goes out to your contact list along with any follow up questions that you want to collect data on.

Say, I want to invite supporters to a rally and collect RSVPs. I’ll set my inital text as “Multi Choice” and add my question:

“Hey {first_name}, this is {agent_name} from Hope Society. Our next rally is this Saturday at 3pm .There’ll be snacks and drinks 🍕. Want to come?”

Now, I add three options for agents to mark on their survey form; ‘YES’, ‘NO’, and ‘UNDECIDED’.

If I want to collet more data, I can add a follow-up question to ask for example, if they’d need transportation facilities. For now I move on to the next section, i.e. creating Saved Replies which are templated responses that your agents can use  to quickly respond to texts.

I account for the two most probable responses here,


Great! We’re meeting up at Baker Street in Marylebone. See you there 😀.


Aw..that’s too bad. Catch you at the next event {first_name}. 👋