June Product Updates – Integrations and Text Messages

June 27, 2018 - 2 minutes read

We’ve simplified the way you integrate CallHub with third-party software and added a way to stop ‘Failed’  texts from hindering the pace of your Collective Texting campaigns. Check out what we brought to the table this June.

Simplifying Integrations

Integrations are a godsend for campaigns that want to capitalize on the benefits of multiple software to get stuff done. By the way to go about integrating software products can get confusing. So what did we do? We re-designed your Integrations dashboard to:

  • Reduce the steps required to achieve an integration
  • Bring a linear three-step flow to achieve an integration
  • Improve consistency between integrations
  • Improve clarity in mapping custom fields
  • Improve usability while adding new custom fields

and more…

Importing Lists

CallHub integrations flow settings

Custom Filed Mapping

Check out the new design for yourself.

check it out

Keeping texting campaigns in pace

Your text messages from Collective Texting campaigns are delivered to peoples phones through carriers. But sometimes, carriers can filter messages for a slew of reasons, causing agents to see their texts getting ‘Failed’.

Why your texts could be failing:

  1. Lots of identical texts with similar URLs, or certain objectionable keywords
  2. Multiple user complaints to the carrier about unwanted messages
  3. High volume of messages from a standard long code phone number (your 10 digit caller ID)
  4. Sending similar or identical content from your long code to multiple numbers within a short time period
  5. Unknown reasons that carriers do not advertise to avoid reverse engineering

How to keep your campaign on track:

pause dynamic caller id

Go to your Caller ID block rented for Collective Texting campaigns and click into the ‘Manage Caller IDs’ section. Here you have the option to pause numbers and add replacement numbers to your Caller ID block.

That’s all for June. Until next time…👋