New Feature – Warm transfers

April 29, 2016 - 1 minute read

When running calling campaigns, not every agent or volunteer will be able to diverge from the script and successfully convert a lead. A supervisor with more experience can step in and help convert the lead. We’ve now integrated this process into our software. An agent or volunteer can transfer a warm lead to a supervisor directly in CallHub.

The agent or volunteer who is currently speaking with the contact can add a supervisor to the call. The agent, the supervisor and the warm lead can now have a 3-way call to bring the supervisor up to speed following which, the agent can leave the call and move on to the rest of the callers.

The leads that are transferred to the supervisor are pre-qualified, reducing the amount of time the supervisor needs to spend on the call and the number of calls they need to take. The can now focus their attention on converting. This helps shorten or refine your call process.


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