New UI flow

April 28, 2016 - 1 minute read

CallHub’s got a makeover! We’ve moved a few things around to make it easier for you to use.

Dashboard for managers

New UI dashboard


You will now see a summary of all paused and running campaigns on your dashboard. You will see the dashboard right after you login to CallHub. Here is what the dashboard gives you:

  • The number of running or completed calls for each campaign
  • Tools to control a campaign – start/stop/pause

Create different campaigns from a single button

Campaigns under one button


To create any campaign, select “New Campaign” and then from the drop-down, select the type of campaign, ie.. either Voice Broadcasting, Phone Banking or SMS Campaign. This should simplify the process of creation of campaigns.


Access credits easily

New billing UI


We’ve moved credit info to a more visible location. You can now see your available credits on the navigation bar and you can click on it to recharge and view billing history.


Sign up for our Beta program

We’re constantly working on improving our service. Our priority on features depends on what you want the most. Head to our beta program and choose the features that you are looking forward to and we’ll get it done!