Patch through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

October 7, 2017 - 4 minutes read

Phone2Action works amazingly well at mobilizing your active supporters. Supporters who are on social media and those who respond to email and posts. If you scrutinise your supporter base, you’ll realise that there is a significant percentage of your supporters that aren’t interacting with you online. It may be for a number of reasons: They could be from an older generation that isn’t active online. They could be a type of supporter that requires a more active approach to convert them.

When you are planning time sensitive patch-through calling campaigns, for example a particular bill is going to be passed within the week, you would need to get your supporters talking to their representatives yesterday!

Have you tried clubbing phonebanking with patch-through calling? Our integration with Nationbuilder let’s you target those volunteers that just won’t be swayed through a social media post.

patch-through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

How to combine CallHub with Nationbuilder and Phone2Action

Segment your supporters

Based on previous campaigns, identify which of your supporters are more inclined to react through social media, text and email. Plan your Phone2action campaigns to them and get them going asap! Identify which of your supporters in Nationbuilder haven’t opened an email in a while. Find out those volunteers who haven’t engaged with you online. Create a separate list for them in Nationbuilder. In addition to this, you can also feed all supporters from a Phone2Action campaign that haven’t converted that day.

Create a phonebanking campaign

Use CallHub and Nationbuilder to target these passive supporters through a phonebanking campaign. CallHub integrates bi-directionally with Nationbuilder, making it very easy to sync data between the systems. Import the list passive supporters you created in Nationbuilder into CallHub. Fine tune your calling script to give volunteers and get them calling supporters. During the call to a passive supporter, if they show positive signs of wanting to connect with their representative, patch-them through directly to their concerned rep.

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Sync data with Nationbuilder

Use tags to automatically mark every supporter that talked to their representative during your phonebanking campaign. Create a filtered list of those that didn’t convert. You can then move these supporters into a followup phonebanking or textbanking campaign. To those supporters that did convert, send them a thank you email from Nationbuilder or a follow up text through CallHub.

Analyse campaign through Phone2action

At the end of your campaign, evaluate the conversion rates by channel. Measure which type of activity worked in mobilizing your supporters. Using CallHub’s phone bank reports, Nationbuilder list activity and Phone2Action reports, create a holistic view of your campaign. In this way, you’ll be able to scale up or down your campaign, depending on your audience, message, time left and number of supporters.

Demo of Phonebanking with CallHub

If you’d like to learn more about patch-through calling during Phonebank campaigns, schedule a call with us and we’ll help you setup a campaign, integrate with Nationbuilder and Phone2Action.

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