Automated Phone Banking pricing

Unlimited volunteer seats

Our automated phonebanking software rates are only as per usage. We do not charge for volunteer seats. Each call made by an agent to a voter is treated as two calls, one from CallHub to the volunteer and the other from CallHub to the voter. The price for CallHub to call voters can vary depending on the prefix of the phone number being called. All prices with prefixes are listed on the right.

Total cost / 30 sec = The cost of the volunteer leg + The cost of CallHub calling the contact

Agent leg pricing

There are 4 modes in which a volunteer can join a campaign. The prices vary depending on the mode. For the volunteer leg of the call, this is the pricing split by mode of calling. See agent connection modes on the right, for a price list.

  • Rates
    CountryOutbound CallAgent leg
    United StatesUSD 0.014USD 0.007

    Rates are for billing increment of 30 seconds

  • Agent Connection modes
    Agent connect modeCost
    BrowserUSD 0.007
    PhoneUSD 0.014
    Dial inUSD 0.012
    Soft phoneUSD 0.008

    Rent dial-in numbers at USD 2 per month

  • Example usage cost
    # CallsTotal Cost
    1000USD 21
    5000USD 105
    100000USD 2100
  • See all prefixes
    PrefixOutbound Calls
    1USD 0.014
    1340 (Virgin Islands)USD 0.024
    1808 (Hawaii)USD 0.0345
    1907 (Alaska)USD 0.125
    1900 (Premium)USD 0.375

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Collective Calling pricing

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Are there any monthly minimum or other fees?
There are no other fees other than the charges for the calls.
How much is the charge for the transfer?
Transferred calls are billed at the same rate as the regular calls. They are billed in 30 second increments too.
Do I have to pay for busy or invalid numbers?
There is no charge for calls that do not connect, busy, not answered or invalid numbers. The charge only applies if a human or an answering machine answers the phone.
What are my payment options?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We also accept other forms of payments. For alternate payments, please contact us at [email protected] to setup your account.
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