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Tag contacts based on Call Disposition (Product Update)

Published: Jan 24, 2018
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Let’s take a volunteer and a handful of supporters. Your volunteer logs in to CallHub and starts calling, say 100 supporters on your list. They get through to 80 people while the other 20 don’t pick up the phone because they’re not home, are busy, or because the number is wrong. The usual workflow takes the 80 who picked up the phone into consideration and builds a campaign around them. How many of those 80 are supporters, how many are willing to donate, how many oppose your views, how many can volunteer…the possibilities are endless.

But what about the remaining 20? (And it’s not 20 is it? You’re going to be contacting tens of thousands of people for your campaign, not just 100.)

So the right question is — What about the remaining 2000 or 20,000?

You have to make sure that you’re not missing out on supporters just because they didn’t pick up the phone.

Currently, CallHub lets you retry numbers based on call dispositions (Unavailable in Collective Calling). So every time your volunteer encounters a busy line or an answering machine, they can move on to the next call, rest assured that these contacts are going to be retried after a time interval.

But we know retries aren’t a one-stop solution. Sure, you’re going to reach more people than you’d have otherwise, but it still leaves a small chunk of contacts who are left unengaged.

We figured that we can make your calling campaigns much more efficient if CallHub instantly conveys the details of call disposition to your CRM. You can now assign ‘tags’, to individual contacts based on the Call disposition for each call.

Reached an answering machine? Instantly assign a ‘to follow-up’ tag to the contact in your CRM.

Reached a bad number or someone who doesn’t want to be contacted? Assign a ‘Do Not Call’ tag to the contact in your CRM.

You can also use tags to identify the time and reason for contacting a person.

So for call dispositions, ANSWER and MEANINGFUL INTERACTION, you can simply assign the tag like ‘called for Jan fundraiser’.

Call dispositions (L) and Tags (R)

How it works

Set the tags (Activist Code in VAN) that you want to assign to contacts when you create a call center campaign. If you’re using the NationBuilder integration, you needn’t create your tags in the CRM. Directly create the tags you want to use within CallHub (Settings>Tags) and assign them to Call Dispositions when you are creating a campaign. When agents mark a Call Disposition for a call, the correct tag automatically appears for the contact in their NationBuilder profile. You can sort contacts based on tags in your CRM for future activities like a follow-up campaign or add people to your DNC list.

Call Disposition tags in NationBuilder

For NGPVAN and Action Network, first, create your tags within the CRM, import them into CallHub, and use them with Call Dispositions.

Call Disposition tags in Action Network

Call Disposition tags in NGPVAN / EveryAction

There, done!

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