Optimize Voter Persuasion Efforts With Texts

Much like a friendship, voter persuasion and nurturing must be full of conversations and equal give and take. The conviction that your candidate is worthy of a contact’s support can only be achieved with meaningful conversation. In this guide, we detail the best way to get your messages across to voters and persuade them to support you– with donations, attendance, and votes.

Your complete guide for voter persuasion text conversations

Voter persuasion with texts is the process of building a relationship with opted-in contacts, engaging them with your campaign, and gradually persuading them to vote for your candidate. This guide helps you in those aspects with:

  • An overview of text messaging tools
  • How to balance your conversations on the three main pillars of texting
  • Figuring out what messaging works for you
  • Text templates for all stages of voter persuasion.

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What’s in this guide?

What persuasion with texts means

We start the very base— a definition and introduction to voter persuasion undertaken via texts.

Texting tools

We explore the various texting tools available for political campaigns and how they solve the needs of

– Acquiring consent to text
– Sending broadcasts
– Having personal conversations at scale

The three pillar of political texting

What guidelines must you follow to get optimum results in your texting campaigns? We identify the three main pillars of political texting and give detailed explanations of how to master them.

How to get the timing right

A combination of our in-house study of previous texting campaigns and industry-approved best practices.

Getting your messaging right

This part of the guide will help you get the messaging right every time, without sounding rehearsed or robotic.


Text templates to get you started

We conclude the guide with text templates suitable for various stages of voter persuasion.