RSVP to events in Action Network

March 8, 2017 - 2 minutes read

The CallHub and Action Network integration is upgraded to now include events. Action Network events are a big part of the advocacy and political eco system. Events represent small meetings to large rallies or marches, a webinar to a large Town Hall. A fundraiser event to a phone banking party.

Action Network lets activists RSVP to these events and when they do you get a notification. We’ve gone ahead and included these events into Call Center campaigns. Now you can plan calling campaigns to your activists about upcoming events. Talk to them about the event and during the call ask them if they would be able to make it. The volunteer on the call can easily RSVP them to the event right from their agent console.

RSVP to events on ActionNetwork

How does it work?

Connect to Action Network

To integrate with Action network, all you need is your API key. Here is an in-depth tutorial on how to connect your Action Network account to CallHub.

Action Network integration tutorial

Import Events

All the events associated with the group are available for import.

import action network events

import action network events

Create a call center campaign

To run a phone banking campaign you need to create a Call Center campaign in CallHub. Here is great tutorial on how to create a campaign.

Create call center campaign

Add event to campaign

In the settings of your campaign, you will be able to add Action Network events.


action network event rsvp in call center settings

action network event rsvp in call center settings

select action network event

select action network event


The event is available as a form for a volunteer to update during calls. The volunteer can mark the activist as Yes, No or Undecided. Their response reflects as an RSVP in Action Network.

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