Sign up volunteers using web forms and Zapier

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Agent APIs


Adding agents or volunteers to your phone banking campaign can get difficult when you plan to scale. When dealing with campaigns on a national level, recruiting volunteers is usually distributed and lead by local managers. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to manage funds, campaigns messages and survey responses from a central point but distribute the responsibility of recruitment to others? Well we’ve just gone and made that possible!

We have opened up our agent APIs so that your local campaign managers spread across the country can help recruit volunteers for national campaigns.

Step 1

Encourage local campaign managers or supporters to run recruitment programs by creating a sign up form hosted on their own websites or recruitment pages.

Step 2

Share your CallHub API key with them so that they can integrate this sign up form with CallHub using our agent APIs. If you do not have tech support at hand, you can even use Zapier for quick and easy integration.

Step 3

Encourage your local managers to promote this sign up form on their local chapter email groups, Facebook pages or SMS lists.

Step 4

Leave it to CallHub to automatically create agents in the CallHub account for every submission made to the form. All communication on how to join the campaign will be sent by us to the volunteer over email.

Tutorial using Typeform


Here is a tutorial on how to easily create a webform using Typeform, integrate it to CallHub using our APIs and create an agent in CallHub. We use Zapier to integrate form submissions with CallHub.

Typeform is a really great tool to create beautiful web forms but you can use any other form builder like Gravity forms on WordPress or even your own custom web form to accomplish this.

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