Contact and Tags

For every text message that is sent, set a "Contact" in NationBuilder for that person, indicating what type of communication was initiated. This contact is automatically set in NationBuilder by CallHub. Contact is also used in NationBuilder to move people along a path to a goal.  For every text message that is sent, create a tag for that person in NationBuilder. This is again a useful way to indicate who received which text message.  Get replies to the text message. For every incoming text message, create a different tag for that person in NationBuilder.

Keywords and Event RSVP

Use keywords in incoming text messages to RSVP a NationBuilder event. For example, someone can reply with "RSVP" to your text campaign. CallHub will automatically RSVP to a NationBuilder event for that person.

Send automatic responses to incoming text messages using keywords. You can make the system send automatic confirmation text messages like, "Thanks for confirming your participation" for every message that contains the keyword 'PARTY'

Whenever someone replies "STOP", CallHub will automatically update their NationBuilder profile as "do not text" and stop all future text messages to that person

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