How to collect Supporter Data with SMS Data Collection

June 15, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Growing your campaign involves developing a concrete supporter database that you can engage and reach out to as part of your campaigning efforts. The easiest way to convert the energy of your supporters into tangible supporter action is to engage each of them personally.

CallHub sign-up campaigns let you have interactive conversations with your contacts and collect data through a sequence of SMS text messages. The collected data is then used to create and populate individual profiles for each contact. This data is then used to tailor future communication with your supporters.

How does SMS Data Collection work?


Create your sign-up campaign on CallHub and publish the phone number at your campaign office or event. Ask people to text your keyword to that number. The first SMS triggers your SMS data collection campaign and supporters are automatically engaged via text messaging through a sequence of personalizable messages that include prompts. After the system collects the required data sets it ends the conversation with a final thank you message.

How SMS Data Collection helps your campaign


prompts for data collection

Data collected through SMS is used to build up the contact profile for each of your supporters. The comprehensive supporter profiles help campaigns personalize their phone banking, voice broadcasting, and SMS outreach efforts using CallHub. You can also export the data or sync contact data back into CRMs like NationBuilder. With the data available across multiple applications, it can be used to optimize other forms of supporter outreach and to build targeted lists based on age, job title, location or any other data set of your choice.

Maintaining data quality

Sign-up campaigns allow you to automatically retry prompts after a custom time lapse if contacts fail to respond. This serves to minimize your dropout rate and keep contacts engaged till the end of your sign-up campaigns.

The ability to retry prompts goes hand in hand with checks to incoming contact data to also maintain the quality of supporter data collected.

For example, incoming contact details which do not qualify range checks, as in zip codes as five digits numerals, are discounted and the prompt is automatically resent. Checks to incoming text messaging data continuously maintain the quality of your contact database.

Collecting supporter data and creating targeted outreach campaigns is an intricate part of how election campaigns, nonprofits, and advocacy groups function. It helps identify your supporters, optimize fundraising drives, and to engage with people on a personal level. SMS Data Collection gives organizations a handy and affordable platform to build up the high-quality database that makes this possible.

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