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Tag contacts based on survey responses (Product Update)

Published: Jan 25, 2018
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All campaigns use surveys to understand their intended audience better and segment them. They’re used to identify supporter levels, volunteers, donors, voter issues, event attendees and much more.

But running a survey and collecting results is one thing. Implementing the results of your survey in actionable outcomes is a whole different struggle….or it was.

Survey-based tagging on CallHub now lets you categorize responses within your CRM, based on survey responses on CallHub.

And it works in a few simple steps:

  • Assign tags to your surveys when creating a CallHub campaign, either a Virtual Phone Bank or a P2P Texting campaign.
  • Surveys can be imported from your CRM or even created in CallHub.
  • Agents talking to or texting contacts mark survey responses for each contact.
  • The contacts are instantly tagged with the corresponding tag within your CRM.

Tags assigned to responses during survey creation

Asking people if they want a yard sign? Contacts responding ‘Yes’ are instantly tagged with a ‘yard-sign’ tag in your CRM.

Asking volunteers how they want to volunteer? Based on the marked response, tags such as ‘texting volunteer’, ‘phonebank volunteer’, or ‘canvass volunteer’ are instantly assigned.

Survey based tagging in NationBuilder

Survey-based tags in NationBuilder

Survey-based Activist Codes in NGP VAN

Survey-based tags in NGPVAN and EveryAction

Survey-based tagging in Action Network

Survey-based tags in Action Network

Do more with tags or Activist codes

Survey-based tagging lets you sort through streams of incoming data and pull out the information you require right now. Segment contacts using tags and run workflows if your CRM allows for it.

  • Action Network: Create surveys inside CallHub and sync results through tags.
  • NGP VAN: Set Activist Codes for people to easily segment them during future campaigns.
  • NationBuilder: Tag survey responses created in CallHub and sync tags with NationBuilder.

PS: Did you know that you can also tag call dispositions from a phone banking campaign!

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