sample canvassing script examples

Sample Canvassing Scripts for Political Campaigns ( and how to write one! )

Multiple field experiments prove that twelve successful face-to-face conversations translate into an additional vote. It is…

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phonebanking scripts for gotv

Best Phone scripts for Political GOTV Campaigns (Strategy!)

Convincing a voter to support your political party or cause is not an easy job. Imagine doing…

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Fundraising Cold Call Script

How to write the easiest Fundraising Cold Call Script ( Samples Included )

Cold calling for fundraising is a sweat-inducing process. However, with the right script and natural…

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6 ways to convince supports to donate over a phone call

6 ways to convince supporters to donate through a phone conversation

We’ve often had fundraisers wondering if phone fundraising might be going the way of the…

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Phone Banking Script

The perfect phone calling script is critical to successful phone banking campaign. Most of your…

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