grassroots effort

Grassroots effort to win over undecided voters

In every election, there are some voters who all of the candidate campaigns get wrong….

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campaign slogan for school board election

Political campaign slogans for school board election

School board elections are getting bigger every year. With campaign budgets reaching into the millions…

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write a campaign speech

How To write a Political Speech

The political speech is a form of art. It may be easy to deliver one…

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Political campaign messages

Political campaign messages that appeal to voters

The decision-making process of a voter is tied with their perception and desires. It is…

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Political website important elements

Important elements of a Political campaign website

A decade ago, it did not matter if you were not keen on social media….

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how to raise candidate profile in municipal election

Raise Candidate Profile In A Municipal Election

Do you know what a candidate profile is? It is quite akin to a social…

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Press coverage for your Political campaign

One of the things often overlooked when designing a campaign’s outreach strategy is press coverage….

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campaign strategy to face an incumbent

Beat Incumbent in a local election – A 7-step guide

Winning an election the first time you run is a challenge. It is an even…

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win swing votes through grassroots

Win over Swing Voters with a strong Grassroots effort

It is good to talk with people who agree with you, isn’t it? During a…

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yard sign template design

Yard Sign Template Designs for your Political Campaign

For as long as they have been used for campaigning, the humble yard sign and…

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