Political website important elements

Important elements of a Political campaign website

A decade ago, it did not matter if you were not keen on social media….

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Exploring The World Of Political Consultants

Consultants exist to help build up your political campaign. How do you choose the right political consultant for your campaign? Let’s look at the options.

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building voter contact list

How To Build Your Voter Contact List

Have you figured out a message for your campaign? How do you plan on spreading…

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get digital and ground staff to work together

Enhance Your Nonprofit By Merging Digital And Ground Activity

Nonprofits today are fast changing course toward smarter campaigns. They use digital tools to manage…

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text-to-give 101

Text-to-Give Fundraising 101 for the Modern Nonprofit

Despite its recent inception, texting has quickly circulated among everyone from baby boomers to millennials…

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voter profiling in modern campaigns

Personalized Campaign Messages With Voter Profiling

Have you watched the TV show, Sherlock, where Holmes uses cues from a person’s appearance…

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phonebank to boost your grassroots campaign

Phonebanking To Boost Your Grassroots Campaign

It is evident that campaigns, big and small, are all turning to local strategies. The…

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campaign for millennial voters

Structure Your Campaign To Win Over Millennials

You have heard the term and know the generation it refers to. Millennials are now…

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