voter profiling in modern campaigns

Personalized Campaign Messages With Voter Profiling

Have you watched the TV show, Sherlock, where Holmes uses cues from a person’s appearance…

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10 Ways the Internet Changed Political Campaigning

The advent of internet has allowed people to engage in the campaign process on a…

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facts about the 3rd presidential debate

5 things to know before the 3rd Presidential debate of 2016

The first debate of the 2016 US presidential election set the record as the most…

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Similarities between Mike Kaine and Tim Pence

5 ties between Kaine and Pence

The first US presidential debate is over! A lot has been said about Hillary Clinton and…

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7 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump

Billionaire Donald Trump has been a media celebrity for a long time, even more so…

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effect of immigration on the us economy

Effect of Immigration on US economy

With a net legal immigration of 800,000 people each year the U.S has higher immigration…

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Facts about Jill Stein

8 fun facts about Jill Stein: Greens party presidential candidate

The Greens Party in the US is an independent political party connected with social and environmental…

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Marketing lessons learnt from Donald Trump campaign

5 lessons you can learn from Donald Trump about Marketing

    Campaigns are marketing, candidates are brands and Trump is one of the most…

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