last minute tips for gotv

Last Minute Tips For GOTV ( Phone Script Included! )

The final stages of your GOTV campaign can get really hectic with the clock ticking…

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Tools for GOTV

Tools to Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

GOTV drives are synonymous with the final stages of voter engagement campaigns where organizations are…

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Phone Calls For GOTV

Phone Calls for GOTV: 8 Solid Strategies for your Campaign!

GOTV is the last step of an election campaign taking place just a few weeks…

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Slogans for Getting Out The Vote

Eight Slogans that can be used for GOTV Campaigning

GOTV or Get Out The Vote is an essential part of any political campaign. Being…

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sample canvassing script examples

Sample Canvassing Scripts for Political Campaigns ( and how to write one! )

Multiple field experiments prove that twelve successful face-to-face conversations translate into an additional vote. It is…

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How to Get Out The Vote with NationBuilder Paths and CallHub

NationBuilder paths let you lead people to take specific actions (like going out to vote…

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gotv minus email article

Getting out the vote, without email

You’re coming to the final days of the campaign, and you know the feeling. You’re…

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get out the vote definition process strategies

Get Out The Vote Definition, Process and Strategies

Get Out The Vote Definition Get Out The Vote or GOTV describes campaign activities performed…

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win swing votes through grassroots

Win over Swing Voters with a strong Grassroots effort

It is good to talk with people who agree with you, isn’t it? During a…

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how voter file can be used in election campaign

How To Use Voter Data In Your Campaigns

All campaigns these days are driven by data. From planning out the communication strategy to…

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