Geek in Disguise: Winning local elections through data sharing

How Barbara Nelson is ushering progressive change in Orange County using NationBuilder and CallHub. “I…

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How to Get Out The Vote with NationBuilder Paths and CallHub

NationBuilder paths let you lead people to take specific actions (like going out to vote…

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patch-through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

Patch through calling with Phone2Action and Nationbuilder

Phone2Action works amazingly well at mobilizing your active supporters. Supporters who are on social media…

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client spotlight

Client Spotlight: Eve Zuckerman

CallHub had a chat with Eve Zuckerman, the Deputy Digital Director for the Presidential campaign…

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How to automatically verify emails

How to verify emails in Google Sheets

You’ve just received a large sheet of contacts along with their contact information and you plan…

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how to delete lists in NationBuilder

How to batch delete lists on NationBuilder

At CallHub, we work closely with customers on their political phone banking and SMS marketing campaigns. A lot…

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nationbuilder supporter levels

Set Supporter Levels within CallHub

Rate your contacts in your phonebook by their level of support. Set a supporter level…

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The changing face of US election campaigns

US election campaigns have certainly evolved over the years. Access to better technology, more information and…

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august updates

What’s new in August

Multi Transfer campaigns Did you find our Voice Broadcasting transfer options limiting? We’ve removed those…

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nationbuilder integration with CallHub

Agents on CallHub are now also NationBuilder supporters

CallHub’s integration with NationBuilder has just gotten stronger. Now that a volunteer can create an…

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