Product updates from August

Communicate with agents in real-time Call centre campaigns on CallHub aren’t restricted by geography. Agents…

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Agent activation emails

New feature: Resend agent activation mails

Agent and volunteer accounts in CallHub are managed by the campaign manager. A manager can…

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Create phonebook from filtered contacts

Create phonebooks from search

We’ve added a great new feature to our contact management section. Phone numbers are now searchable!…

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message agents in real time

New feature: Send messages to your agents during a campaign

Call centre campaigns on CallHub aren’t restricted by geography. Agents on the campaign can be…

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CallHub multi transfer

New Feature : Multi Transfer campaigns

This feature has been often requested and widely sought-after and now we have finally added…

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Volunteer management with Teams

Updates from the month of June

Introducing CallHub Teams for Volunteer Management We’ve removed the dependency of you assigning agents to…

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Customise you call center hold music

Customise your Call Center

We’ve power packed our Call Center settings section with settings that you can use to now…

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What’s new in June

Sign up volunteers through web forms! Get volunteers to sign up for phone banking campaigns…

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