Text Message Marketing—Nonprofits

Text Message Marketing for Nonprofits

Communications for nonprofits is a huge part of how they are run. Whether the nonprofit…

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July Product Updates – Ensuring your conversations keep going

This month is all about peer to peer texting. With the general elections drawing near,…

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Putting Collective Texting to the test in the BC Liberal Party Leadership race

2018 is the year peer to peer texting made its mark on Canadian election campaigns….

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Text Messaging for Advocacy (501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations)

Text messaging is embracing the task of mobilizing people for rallies, building supporter databases, and…

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Mensajes de texto

Mensajes de texto para el contacto del votante

Cada elección es determinada por la cantidad de personas que participan. Eso es lo que hace…

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Product Update: Collective Texting

We’ve updated the look and functionality of Collective Texting so agents have an easier time…

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