client spotlight

Client Spotlight: Eve Zuckerman

CallHub had a chat with Eve Zuckerman, the Deputy Digital Director for the Presidential campaign…

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Agent activity analytics

CallHub analytics: Track agent activity

As part of our big feature, CallHub Campaign analytics, here we have the agent activity dashboard….

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Call and SMS Analytics for your Campaign

Running a political or advocacy campaign is tough work and anyone who has been part…

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The one thing you need to inspire your staff – A leaderboard

The closest burger place to my work has great décor. With wooden tabletops that fit in well…

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Les Republicain party used CallHub to scale their phone banking campaign

Case Study : Phone banking campaign by Les Republicain party

Disclaimer: We are not aligned to any political party or political ideology. Les Republicains is…

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phone banking

Is political phone banking effective?

“Hello, can we count on your vote?” About 12 million phone conversations made in the…

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Protecting customer data

Protecting Customer Data and Preventing Breaches in Call Center Software

In todays highly competitive landscape, whether you’re trying to win a political campaign or increase…

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nationbuilder supporter levels

Set Supporter Levels within CallHub

Rate your contacts in your phonebook by their level of support. Set a supporter level…

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callhub api updates

Updates to CallHub APIs

Thanks to all of you, since we’ve opened our Call Center, conference and agent APIs,…

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Agent activation emails

New feature: Resend agent activation mails

Agent and volunteer accounts in CallHub are managed by the campaign manager. A manager can…

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