how to contest for house election

House Elections Broken Down For Vying Candidates

The U.S. House of Representatives seats 435 members. The number of members representing a state…

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how to win city council

Superhero’s Guide To A Mighty City Council Campaign

As children, many of us wished to be superheroes and even conjured up fantasies of…

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campaign for local election

Municipal election campaign – Dos and Don’ts

Carli, a friend of mine, gave me an emergency call one evening. Her dog had…

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get volunteers

How To Attract Volunteers To Your Campaign

It seems getting others to do your hard work leads to some twisted practices in…

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campaign for millennial voters

Structure Your Campaign To Win Over Millennials

You have heard the term and know the generation it refers to. Millennials are now…

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nonpartisan campaign for school board election

Winning School Board Election As A Nonpartisan Candidate

Winning an election is no small task. Even for a district or a town election,…

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motivate new volunteers

Manage New Volunteers To Run An Efficient Phonebank

Do you get new volunteers involved in your phonebanking campaign? Most likely yes. After all,…

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how to send campaign text messages

How to send election campaign text messages

During a campaign communication is key. Between¬†field workers and organisers, organisers and voters and sometimes…

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top political campaign management tools

Top political campaign management tools

The Internet has revolutionised political campaigns. Digital tools have changed the way you communicate with…

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How-To campaign for School Board Elections

How to campaign for a school board election

School boards play a pivotal role in the success of a community. They decide the…

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