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Client Spotlight: Eve Zuckerman

CallHub had a chat with Eve Zuckerman, the Deputy Digital Director for the Presidential campaign…

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6 Ways To Work For A Political Campaign

A lot of effort goes into getting a candidate elected into office. Behind this effort…

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Les Republicain party used CallHub to scale their phone banking campaign

Case Study : Phone banking campaign by Les Republicain party

Disclaimer: We are not aligned to any political party or political ideology. Les Republicains is…

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6 Tools for the modern Political Campaign

A large number of startups that leverage advanced technology have erupted into the political scene…

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Campaign strategy with Adam Taylor, Greens Party Australia

We’ve been helping political parties with their campaigns for a long time now. Our clients help…

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Going Mobile with Advocacy

We have all heard the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind.” It works on…

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How Multivariate Testing can help you optimise your website

To maximise customer retention on a site, customers need to be satisfied with the content they…

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How Power affects the Human Brain

Power can do weird things to your perception of yourself and people around you. Have…

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7 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump

Billionaire Donald Trump has been a media celebrity for a long time, even more so…

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5 Tips to run a successful bulk text messaging campaign

With a 98% open rate, text messaging has grown to become one of the most…

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