win swing votes through grassroots

Win over Swing Voters with a strong Grassroots effort

It is good to talk with people who agree with you, isn’t it? During a…

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Exploring The World Of Political Consultants

Consultants exist to help build up your political campaign. How do you choose the right political consultant for your campaign? Let’s look at the options.

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design yard signs that catch attention

Political Yard Sign Design That Catches Attention

For as long as they have been used for campaigning, the humble yard sign and…

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how to plan campaign communication

Campaign Communication Strategy Design In 10 Steps

Your campaign message only works if you are able to convey it to the audience….

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how voter file can be used in election campaign

How To Use Voter Data In Your Campaigns

All campaigns these days are driven by data. From planning out the communication strategy to…

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building voter contact list

How To Build Your Voter Contact List

Have you figured out a message for your campaign? How do you plan on spreading…

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The importance of voter communication

The Importance Of Regular Voter Communication

The first step of organizing a political campaign is to come up with a campaign…

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Using custom fields for voter profiling

Custom Fields To Know Your Voters Better

Campaigns, in recent years, have gone out of the way to personalize their communication with…

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How campaigns change strategy between primary and general elections

Contrast Between Presidential Primary Vs General Election Campaign

Compared to other countries, the US Presidential Election seems a long drawn-out process with campaigns…

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voter profiling in modern campaigns

Personalized Campaign Messages With Voter Profiling

Have you watched the TV show, Sherlock, where Holmes uses cues from a person’s appearance…

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