EffectiveCold Calling

These Effective Cold Calling Tips Are All You Need for Your Business

Cold calling is an integral part of any business which wants to sell and market…

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Cold Calling 101

Cold Calling 101: Cold Calling Tips to make your Campaign a Success

Wikipedia defines cold calling as “the solicitation of business from potential customers who have had…

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Powerful Community Organizing Strategies to Boost your Campaign

Community organizing, when done right, has the potential to create lasting impact. With the collective…

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Storytelling Tips for Nonprofits

Best Practices for Nonprofit Storytelling: Everything You Need to Know!

Storytelling is something all of us have enjoyed from our childhood days. Sitting at home…

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Proven Tips to Make your Outbound Calling Successful!

For some people, the mere thought of speaking on a phone with another human being…

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yard sign template design

Yard Sign Template Designs for your Political Campaign

For as long as they have been used for campaigning, the humble yard sign and…

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text-to-give 101

Text-to-Give Fundraising 101 for the Modern Nonprofit

Despite its recent inception, texting has quickly circulated among everyone from baby boomers to millennials…

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Why Businesses need to Rethink Brainstorming Sessions

In the 1950s, Alex Osborn, an advertising executive, introduced a technique to spark group creativity…

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Phone Banking Script

The perfect phone calling script is critical to successful phone banking campaign. Most of your…

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how to improve donor stewardship

5 ways to Improve your Donor Stewardship

A lot of non-profits and advocacy organisations spend time and effort in prospecting for new…

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