everylibrary campaigns

A talk with John Chrastka on EveryLibrary, America’s Library PAC

We recently talked with John Chrastka, the Founder and Executive Director of EveryLibrary and also…

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Press coverage for your Political campaign

One of the things often overlooked when designing a campaign’s outreach strategy is press coverage….

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How campaigns change strategy between primary and general elections

Contrast Between Presidential Primary Vs General Election Campaign

Compared to other countries, the US Presidential Election seems a long drawn-out process with campaigns…

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voter profiling in modern campaigns

Personalized Campaign Messages With Voter Profiling

Have you watched the TV show, Sherlock, where Holmes uses cues from a person’s appearance…

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how to contest for house election

House Elections Broken Down For Vying Candidates

The U.S. House of Representatives seats 435 members. The number of members representing a state…

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nonpartisan campaign for school board election

Winning School Board Election As A Nonpartisan Candidate

Winning an election is no small task. Even for a district or a town election,…

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Best activist websites

The best activist websites

Activism amongst the liberals and lefts in the US has never been this widespread since…

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10 Ways the Internet Changed Political Campaigning

The advent of internet has allowed people to engage in the campaign process on a…

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leaderboard to inspire staff

The one thing you need to inspire your staff – A leaderboard

Updated on April 19th, ’18 The closest burger place to my work has great décor. With wooden…

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Looking back at 8 years of the Obama Presidency

President Barack Obama’s last day as president will be January 20, 2017. Barack Obama took…

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